Ex-Employee Sues EmBe for Wrongful Termination

As reported by Ellen Bardash in The Daily Republic, a former EmBe employee, Auranette Antaya, is suing the company for allegedly firing her as retaliation to her filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Antaya, who led after school and summer programs at EmBe’s Mitchell branch from July 2017 until her dismissal on Oct. 12, 2018, asserts in a complaint filed Thursday that the company fired her despite positive performance reviews and did not pay worker’s compensation or other legally entitled benefits in connection with a shoulder injury she sustained on the job.

The complaint alleges that multiple times, Angie Bakke, the chief care officer for EmBe, asked Antaya not to file for worker’s compensation for the injury, as doing so would “negatively impact the company.”

The complaint further states that when Bakke learned of the surgery, “working conditions, employer’s attitudes and job demands began to suddenly change.”

Antaya is suing for wrongful termination and retaliatory discharge, as well as for punitive damages. Her complaint argues that EmBe that she was fired in retaliation to her filing a worker’s compensation claim.

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