Former CEO Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Vungle

Former CEO Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Vungle

Zain Jaffer, the founder of the mobile advertising company Vungle, was removed from his role as CEO as retaliation for being arrested in October 2017.

Jaffer was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon as well as performing a lewd act on his young son, however, all charges were dropped. Vungle blocked Jaffer from selling any of his stocks, and his relationship with Vungle ended with him being wrongfully terminated .

The lawsuit against Vungle references a segment of California’s labor code where it explicitly says the code, “prohibits discrimination and retaliation by employers based upon arrest or detention that did not result in conviction.”

When Jaffer’s charges from 2017 were dropped, he said “Vungle unfairly and unlawfully sought to destroy my career.” Jaffer’s lawsuit does not state how much money is being sought after, but his attorney Joann Rezzo says at least $100 million worth of damage has been done. Rezzo believes it could potentially be worth even more than the original estimate depending on the discretion of the jury.

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