Employee Class-Action

Employers frequently engage in practices that violate California labor law. In large companies, the violation is usually pervasive, affecting a large number of employees of the company, for example, failing to pay overtime, misclassifying employees as contractors, discriminating against a particular group, or routinely denying employees family medical leave. When this is the case, a class action by the whole class of affected employees is often a powerful way to put an end to these unfair and illegal practices. There is strength in numbers, and when employees make a collective effort to oppose their employer, they have more leverage.

If you are aware of a pervasive illegal employment practice in the company where you work or worked, consider consulting an experienced employment class action litigation attorney to advocate for your group. Large companies have very aggressive legal teams working in their defense, so you need to have the best lawyers you can find on your side.

The lawyers at the California Employment Legal Group regularly litigate cases with many employees who have suffered from the unfair employment practices of a large employer. We have achieved superior results for innumerable clients and have earned the respect of other legal professionals, as well as our clients.

Unfair Labor Practices We Litigate
These are some common practices that give rise to employee class actions in Los Angeles:

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If you and your co-workers have reason to believe that your employer has not dealt fairly with you, contact the California Employment Legal Group to schedule a free consultation. We will conduct an investigation, review the evidence, and help you with the paperwork required to file a complaint with the appropriate agency. We will then prepare your case for trial. You will not have to put up any money to retain us, as we accept class-action cases on a contingency fee agreement. We are often able to persuade the court to order the employer to pay all of your legal fees, and we may be able to get an award of punitive damages to punish the wrongdoing and deter it in the future.

Act quickly, because there are legal time limits and procedures that must be followed before a lawsuit can be filed.

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