Labor Board

The California Employment Legal Group is committed to protecting and fighting for the rights of employees in California. Through much success, we do understand that it is important to educate and provide proper recourse to individuals interested in filing a complaint with the Labor Board.  We have compiled the necessary resources and information that can be found below.

Protecting yourself and your rights is important to us. Filing your complaint with the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (Labor Board or DLSE) is an important step to this process. The steps in the complaint process varies depending on what you have experienced or are currently experiencing, but understanding them is most valuable in ensuring you get the restitution you deserve.

Filing A Wage Claim
From the perspective of an employee, wage and overtime are the two most important employment law topics. It is important for workers to ensure that they are properly compensated for their work and the time dedicated to doing so. When wage and overtime laws are violated, the workers suffer the most as they are forced to forfeit the pay they are due for their time worked. Wage and overtime laws originated in the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and are enforced by the Wage and Hour Division (WHD).

The important things to consider when you feel that wage and overtime laws are being violated are: Am I receiving adequate wages and proper overtime pay? If it is deemed that laws are being violated, a way for an employee to seek restitution is by filing a claim with the Labor Board.

Wage and overtime claims are filed with the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. There are over 200 offices around the country that offer free assistance for filing complaints. Complaint forms often must be accompanied by supporting documentation to assist with assessing a determination.

Educating yourself on what’s required to file your complaint will help you get the wages that you are owed by your employer. In order to see if you can pursue a case with the Labor Board, please see how to file a wage claim.

Filing A Retaliation/Discrimination Complaint
A bevy of statutes from federal, state, and local levels ensure that employers and other institutions alike provide equal access and protection to all. Understanding if you’ve been retaliated or discriminated against is the first step to knowing your rights.

In order to see if you can pursue a case with the Labor Board, please see how to file a retaliation/discrimination complaint.

Reporting A Labor Law Violation
To see examples of labor law violations and to learn how to file a report, please visit reporting a labor law violation.