Expense Reimbursement

As an employee in the state of California, you are not expected to use your own funds for business-related expenses. The California Labor Code provides that employers must reimburse employees for all necessary job-related expenses that the employee incurs in the course of business. For example, if you are required to take a business trip for the company and incur expenses such as mileage, airline tickets, car rentals, food or lodging, the company would be required to reimburse those expenses to you. Whenever the expenses are a necessary part of doing your job, your employer is required to reimburse you the total amount you spent.

Common Expenditures that Must Be Reimbursed

  • Office supplies, like printing paper, ink or toner cartridges, pens, etc. for the office
  • Computer hardware or software
  • Required uniform that you must buy as a condition of working at the company
  • Gas, mileage, or parking when your job requires you to use your own car for business purposes
  • Replacement keys or tools needed to do a job
  • Expenses incurred to entertain clients or potential clients

Recovering What is Owed
If you incurred expenses for anything required to do your job and have not been reimbursed – or have been only partially reimbursed – you may be entitled to recover the money you spent, plus interest, by making a claim against your employer. In many cases, the court will order your employer to pay your legal fees in addition to the money owed to you with interest.

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