Magic Leap Settles Hostile Environment Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

Hostile EnvironmentLocal billion-dollar startup Magic Leap was sued for sex discrimination earlier this year by former VP of strategic marketing, Tannen Campbell, who was actually hired to help create a more female-friendly product.

According to Engadget, Campbell initially sued Magic Leap for “hostile environment sex discrimination and retaliation,” citing anecdotes that paint Magic Leap as having a misogynist culture. The lawsuit says that the company does not value women for their technical skills, while it also stereotypes them as homemakers, wives and sex objects. The suit alleges that Magic Leap’s management are aware of the gender-based hostility within the company. It describes a 50-slide presentation Tannen created about gender diversity in the workplace that was cancelled six times, a “Female Brain Trust Initiative” that was only window dressing and an app that was to be bundled with the company’s headset in which the sole female character was only shown groveling at a male protagonist’s feet.

It’s not just reports of sexism, either. The lawsuit also claims that when IT support lead Euen Thompson was asked a question during a tutorial session for new hires, he reportedly said that women always have trouble with computers. He then followed up with, “In IT We have a saying; stay away from the Three Os: Orientals, Old People and Ovaries.”

Notice of the confidential lawsuit settlement was filed Tuesday and signed by Judge William P. Dimitrouleas.