How to Survive Age Discrimination in the Tech World

** Note: Shallow depth of field

When speaking of technology, we often refer to the latest gadget, the latest app, latest features and everything in between that is shiny and new. In fact, the technology world develops rapidly that companies often look for young minds and fresh perspectives. But what about the older workers—those with experience and mature minds?

Backchannel’s Worklife columnist, Karen Wickre points out that “most people who might be affected by age discrimination often don’t want to bring it up.”

Wickre was hired by Google at the age of 52, putting her in the run for the “oldest employee.” She recalls “being thrilled to be there” but “worked hard to become known as a good colleague, reliable, energetic, and a quick study.”

“If workers do come forward [about age discrimination, it] is very hard to prove, since it’s often hidden by internal reorganizations, budget cuts, and employee “at-will” agreements. The subject of “older workers” can be a legal minefield for companies—to even acknowledge it is to open a Pandora’s box of issues,” states Wickre.

As an older worker, how do you survive and thrive in a career that is mostly designed for younger workers? Read Wickre’s personal experience and suggestions for Surviving as an Old in the Tech World.