Whistleblower Fired for raising the alarm against sexual misconduct at the Bank

Business man holding a sign in front of his face that says whistle blower

Marla Crawford claims she was fired from Goldman Sachs after she tried to seek help for a female employee. Allegedly there was a female employee who was sexually preyed upon by Darrell Cafasso, the company’s global head of litigation. Crawford’s lawsuit accuses Goldman Sachs of “permitting a workplace where sexual harassment is covered up and the powerful are cloaked with immunity.”

Crawford stated that she attempted to speak up on behalf of the employee who confided in her. Immediately after this attempt she was attacked for her performance and then terminated. She had more than 10 years of exemplary performance. The lawsuit states that Cafasso used his position “to romantically prey upon” the female colleague. Cafasso also blamed the female colleague for his obsession and stated to the colleague “You’re a temptress and You’re the Devil’s pawn.” When Crawford provided the information to human resources, she was told “she should keep her mouth shut.”

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