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Are You a Victim of Unpaid Wages?

Are you working without receiving overtime pay? Are you working without receiving uninterrupted 30 minute lunch breaks? Are you working without getting 10 min breaks for every few hours? Has your employer retaliated against you for demanding proper overtime pay, lunch and rest breaks?

Employers generally must pay employees overtime (time and a half) for all hours worked over eight hours in the workday and over 40 hours in the work week.   Employers also must provide employees lawful meal and rest breaks or otherwise compensate employees for forfeiting their lawful breaks.

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The employment lawyers at the California Employment Legal Group specialize in wage and hour claims, assisting you in recovering the applicable pay, penalties, and fees, for such wage and hour violations.

Contact the attorneys at the California Employment Legal Group today for a consultation with an experienced employment lawyer who will clearly explain your rights and options under the law.

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