Melrose Resort Sued for Unpaid Wages

Unpaid WagesMelrose Resort and its owners are being sued by former employer, Tamar Berg who claims she worked for two months without pay.

According to the lawsuit, Berg began working at Melrose Resort in June 2015, and went without a paycheck from August 15, 2016 through October 19, 2016.

In addition, the suit states that “although Pelorus had ceased payment of wages … Berg was encouraged to remain working with a promise (of) wage payments in the near future.”

As described in The Island Pack, withholding Berg’s pay was “willful, without justification, in violation of the (law), and in violation of the duty of good faith and fair dealing,” the suit said.

The suit asks the court to demand the resort and its owners provide “a complete and accurate accounting of the wages owed to Berg,” and compensate her for those earnings, damages, legal fees, and other related costs.

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