Woman Wins $24K Settlement After Getting Paid Below Minimum Wage

Weekly Time SheetAdriana Castellanos de Dios of Donna sued Universal Used Clothing for violation of minimum wage laws, according to a news release from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. Universal Used Clothing paid $24,500 in the settlement for illegally paying her under the minimum wage.

According to The Monitor, Castellanos de Dios was paid an unspecified amount under the federal and state minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, despite working more than 40 hours a week without receiving overtime pay. In August 2016 she reached out to TRLA, a nonprofit organization providing free legal services to low-income people throughout Texas. That October, they filed a complaint on her behalf in federal court. The nearly $25,000 award compensates for Castellanos de Dios’ unpaid wages and additional damages, according to the news release.

“I’m very grateful for the settlement,” said Castellanos de Dios. “But I also want other employees like me to be aware that they can fight back against these unfair wages. I want them to realize that what they’re being paid is against the law.”