Former Congressional Black Caucus Member Sexually Harassed by Congressman

A former Congressional Black Caucus fellow accused a congressman of sexually harassing her in 2013. M. Reese Everson shared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that the congressman asked her if he could “flirt” with her to help her “excel” in her career. At the time she did not see the encounter as harassment, but as an “inappropriate experience.”

As mentioned in Lifezette, although Everson attempted to flee the situation by transferring to another office, she told Ingraham she “was not successful.”

“I was retaliated against, wrongfully terminated, and then blackballed,” Everson said. “And so my experience was a very traumatic one where not only because of speaking up did I lose my job, but my ability to find another job. And I think that that’s the worst part of all of this is the silence. It’s a pervasive, incestuous silence that keeps women hidden and keeps women from speaking up because they don’t have the courage to speak out against such a powerful person.”

With several members of Congress being accused of engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior, Laura Ingraham demands answers. “Why aren’t they naming names? Why aren’t others naming names? And I’m not the only one asking these questions and demanding real answers,” Ingraham questions.