Star Chef Charlie Hallowell Accused of Sexual Harassment by 17 Employees

Oakland chef Charlie Hallowell has stepped down from his three restaurants after several accusations of sexual harassment by former employees.

SF Chronicle first interviewed 17 former employees that accused him of sexual harassment and pervasive verbal abuse. According to the Chronicle, “the workers, from all three of Hallowell’s restaurants, described a demoralizing work environment where his indecent propositions and abuse of his power were the norm, along with a near-constant stream of sexually explicit language.”

“I can see very clearly that I have participated in and allowed an uncomfortable workplace for women. For this I am deeply ashamed and so very sorry,” Hallowell said in an email o the Chronicle. “We have come to a reckoning point in the history of male bosses behaving badly, and I believe in this reckoning and I stand behind it.

Hallowell admitted to his behavior as “unfiltered and often completely inappropriate” and added that he was “deeply ashamed and saddened.”