Kraft Heinz Company Accused of Racial and Gender Discrimination

Former Kraft Heinz employees have filed two separate lawsuits accusing the Kirksville plant of racial and gender discrimination.

According to Kirksville Daily Express the first lawsuit was filed by an African-American citizen, originally from Liberia, in March 2018. The plaintiff is accusing the Kirksville plant of terminating her because of her pregnancy, race and national origin and the emotional distress led their child being stillborn.

″(The plaintiff)’s alleged tardiness and other false, trivial accusations about her job performance were a pretext to conceal the fact that she was being terminated due to her pregnancy, race and national origin. (The plaintiff), on the threshold of giving birth to her first child, experienced extreme mental anguish and emotional distress over the loss of her job and job benefits, including health care insurance,” documents stated.

A second lawsuit was filed by a former employee accusing the company of racial discrimination. As mentioned in the Kirksville Daily Express, the plaintiff claims a line supervisor intentionally assigned him undesirable jobs, criticized him in front of other workers and repeatedly referred to him as a “boy.”

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