Former FEMA Chief Created a ‘Toxic’ Environment of Sexual Harassment

Uber Executive Resigns Weeks After Misconduct Claims

The personnel chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is under investigation after being accused of “creating an atmosphere of widespread sexual harassment over years in which women were hired as possible sexual partners for male employees”, the agency’s leader reported.

As mentioned in the Washington Post, the alleged harassment and other misconduct, revealed through a preliminary seven-month internal investigation, was a “systemic problem going on for years,” said FEMA Administrator William “Brock” Long.

Starting in 2015, investigators said, Coleman hired unqualified men who were friends and college fraternity brothers and women he met at bars and on online dating sites. Then transferred some of the women in and out of departments, some to regional offices, so his friends could try to have sexual relationships with them, according to employees, reports the Washington Post.

Long also mentioned he received a direct complaint last year from an employee who said Coleman sexually harassed her. Coleman resigned from his position a few weeks ago.

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