Omnicom and TracyLocke Sued for Alleged Sexual Harassment by Former Creative Director

Omnicom and TracyLocke Sued for Alleged Sexual Harassment by Former Creative Director

Karen Dunbar, the former creative director of DDB agency TracyLocke, is suing the company as well as its parent company Omnicom Group for alleged sexual harassment as well as wrongful termination. Dunbar joined TracyLocke in 2015 as creative director, and claims she was always prevented from moving forward with the company in a higher position despite her great performance.

Dunbar also claims in her suit that she was made to feel as though she was a sexual object, not only by co-workers, but also clients. In a meeting with a client, the client told Dunbar’s superior that he wanted her to sit next to him “so there’d be somebody sexy, young and pretty.” Dunbar’s male co-workers also allegedly tried touching her without her consent and verbally abused her at the office. Despite multiple documents and reports being sent to superiors at TracyLocke, and Omnicom’s HR offices, there was little or no action taken against the alleged abusers for sexually harassing Dunbar. In an attempt to organize the women of the office, Dunbar was terminated and accused of disloyalty.

The lawsuit is comprised of multiple charges, including “gender discrimination, discriminatory pay and promotion and retaliation for her opposition to these practices” and Dunbar is seeking an unspecified amount of money, but she is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, as well as legal and fair relief.

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