Transportation Network III Sued for Wrongful Termination by Pregnant Former Employee

Transportation Network III Sued for Wrongful Termination by Pregnant Former Employee

A former employee of Turnpike Ford auto dealership, which is owned by Transportation Network III alleges she was wrongfully terminated by the company for her gender and her pregnancy. Melinda Smith began working for Turnpike Ford in June 2017, and Transportation Network III purchased the dealership in January of 2018. Smith claims in her lawsuit that she was subject to inappropriate sexual comments and degrading treatment.

Smith states in the lawsuit that she started dating a manager of a different dealership location, which to her knowledge was not against any company rules. The manager was then asked to sign a document in May of 2018 to confirm he was aware that it is against company policy for a manager to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker. In November of 2018, Smith informed human resources that she was pregnant.

Smith was called into the HR office in December to meet with supervisors of the company to discuss her pregnancy situation. Allegedly, Smith was asked to consider working at a different dealership location, and that she should consider a demotion. During the meeting, Smith told her supervisors she wished to stay in her existing position. Less than a month later, she was told her position was being eliminated and that she was terminated. She is seeking wages due, legal fees, and costs.

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