USAA Brokers Given $1.8M by Finra Arbitrators for Wrongful Termination Suit

USAA Brokers Given One Point Eight Million Dollars by Finra Arbitrators for Wrongful Termination Suit

USAA brokers Christopher Johnson and Lee Anne Przybyla have been awarded $1.8 million by Finra arbitrators after they filed a lawsuit claiming they were wrongfully terminated by USAA. Johnson and Przybyla were terminated in April 2017 after they allegedly sought compensation they were not entitled to. Johnson and Przybyla responded with a lawsuit against USAA claiming breach of contract, defamation, and wrongful termination.

Johnson was given a total of $850,000 in compensatory and punitive damages, while Przybyla was awarded $700,000 in total for compensatory and punitive damages. Each of the brokers was also given $250,000 in fees for their attorneys. The arbitrators had the reason for the brokers’ wrongful termination on their U5 Form documents changed to “voluntary resignation” rather than “involuntary termination” as it was originally written.

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