Alamance Municipal ABC Board Sued for Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

Alamance Municipal ABC Board Sued for Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

Terri Wall, a former female sales clerk for the Alamance Municipal ABC Board, filed a wrongful termination and gender discrimination lawsuit against the board. Before Wall was terminated, she worked in her position as sales clerk for 8 years. Wall believes she was terminated because she took “mini-bottles provided by distributors to the stores, and solicited items from distributors for a charity.” However, she claims these actions were supported by members of the board, and that they were aware she was doing it.

In her lawsuit, Wall alleges she was terminated on the basis of sex, alleging that her male co-workers would drink alcohol while on the job, sell alcohol to minors, and take part in inappropriate behavior directed towards female co-workers and customers. The lawsuit also claims that two of the male employees regularly discriminated against Wall, and that the behavior was ignored by supervisors. One of the incidents involved a male employee, referred to as Mr. P in the lawsuit, where he put his hands on Wall’s hips “from behind in a sexual manner.”

Wall reported multiple incidents to the general manager, which were brushed off and made to seem like they were minor issues. Another male employee at the store, known as Mr. S in the lawsuit, allegedly took photos of female customers he found attractive in the store he worked at. Mr. S also photographed their backsides and breasts when they weren’t aware he was doing so.

Despite these behaviors, neither of the male employees were terminated for their inappropriate behavior. Wall, on the other hand, believes she was wrongfully terminated and that she was discriminated against because of her gender due to the lenient treatment of the male employees in comparison to the treatment of the female employees.

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