Whistleblower Lawsuit alleging Retaliation and Discrimination

Business man holding a sign in front of his face that says whistle blower

Francesca Tucker-Schuyler a former Montebello city manager since 2010 has filed a lawsuit claiming whistleblower retaliation after she attempted to inquire and report issues regarding public work repairs and bidding procedures.

Tucker-Schuyler reported issues and was ignored, after researching further, she sent emails about regulations regarding the city’s alleged violations of bidding laws. She attempted to reach out to the City Attorney’s office and did not receive a response. Tucker-Schuyler was then voted to be put on administrative leave by city council in November of 2017. She was then fired in February 2019.

According to Tucker Schuyler she was never given an official explanation or reason for her termination. In addition, anyone who was put in her position and replaced her permanently were male. The lawsuit was filed and is including allegations of whistleblower retaliation, discrimination based on sex, wrongful termination, and failure to prevent discrimination.

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