Former Broward Health Employee Fired For Reporting Illegal Activites

Former employee Mike Peleaz started working at Broward Health on October 19 and became aware of the “various illegal activities being conducted by Broward Health through its employees” and reported the incidents. Pelaez was unlawfully terminated on December 18 and is seeking reinstatement and at least $307,830. Allegedly, Broward Health failed to comply with $69.5 million settlement agreement with the federal government over improper contracts with doctors. Broward allegedly had secret compensation contract systems to reward physicians who referred patients to its imaging, physical therapy and other services and penalized them for accepting charity work.

The settlement required Broward Health to institute new standards and procedures for ensuring that physicians and other employees comply with the law. Pelaez contends he reported suspected illegal activities to several Broward Health officials, including General Counsel Lynn Barrett and chief executive officer Dr. Nabil El Sanadi. El Sanadi “was supportive and commended Mr. Pelaez for his ongoing efforts to investigate and report the illegal activities to him and agreed to protect him from retaliation from those who were engaging in the above wrongful conduct.

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