Del Taco Accused of Sexually harassing young female workers

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Allegedly, Del Taco’s Rancho Cucamonga area stores are accused of sexually harassing “young female workers by subjecting unwelcome physical contact, vulgar comments and propositions for sex. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that the restaurants were so prevalent that other male employees felt free to engage in sexual harassment. The workers complained to Del Taco’s human resources division and they failed to respond to complaints to stop harassment or retaliation.

Additionally, Del Taco followed up with a statement about their attempt to resolve the matter through investigation and committed to providing a safe environment for all employees. Rosa Viramontes, a district director of the EEOC Los Angeles district office said that young employees may be vulnerable to workplace harassment and it’s important that employers recognize this and create policies and practices that ensure a safe and harassment-free work environment. According to the policies and practices set in place, employees must now go through training to learn about anti-discrimination laws.

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