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About California Employment Legal Group

The California Employment Legal Group was founded with a commitment to protect the rights of employees in California. Since its inception, the attorneys at the California Employment Legal Group have successfully represented many employees in Los Angeles and Orange County, achieving superior results and earning the respect of our clients and other legal professionals.

The employment lawyers at the California Employment Legal Group specialize in protecting the rights of employees from unfair employment practices, including wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The attorneys at the California Employment Legal Group are dedicated to protecting the rights of all California employees, one case at a time, with the individual attention and respect every case deserves.

We will fight vigorously to protect your rights.

Our Practice Areas

Employment Law

We fight to protect your rights as an employee, and to obtain the compensation and benefits that you deserve.

Sexual Harassment

No one should be forced to work in an uncomfortable or hostile work environment, especially on the basis of gender or gender identity. Together, we can put an end to it.

Wrongful Termination

We protect your rights as an employee, and work to ensure that terminations are not done unfairly.

Wage & Hour

Everyone should be properly compensated for time spent working. That’s why our attorneys fight to recover back pay or lost wages when your employer violates wage and hour laws.


Discrimination is prevalent in a myriad of forms, whether apparent or not. We fight to protect your rights and to put an end to workplace discrimination.

Employee Class-Action

Many illegal employment practices affect a large number of past or present employees. We fight on behalf of these employees to put an end to these illegal practices.

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