Los Angeles Employers Must Comply With New “Ban the Box” Ordinance

Los Angeles CityThe City of Los Angeles Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA) is offering resources for the Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring Ordinance (FCIHO) also referred to as the “Ban the Box” ordinance. The “Ban the Box” refers to the question on job applications regarding previous criminal records and a box for applicants to respond by checking yes or no, and often with details.

The new law, restricts employers to perform a criminal history check on job applicants until after the employee has been conditionally offered the job.

LA’s Ban the Box Ordinance states that an employer cannot withdraw the job offer unless it can show a written assessment, that the criminal conviction is a direct risk to the requirements of the job. The process requires that the applicant be given five days to reply to the written assessment. If the applicant responds, the employer is then required to reassess by taking into consideration the information submitted by the applicant.

Exceptions to the conviction exemption as stated by Los Angeles Bureau of Contract Administration include:

  • Where the employer is required by law to obtain information regarding a conviction of an applicant.
  • Where the applicant would be required to possess or use a firearm in the course of the employment.
  • If the applicant has been convicted of a crime that is prohibited by law from holding the position sought by the applicant
  • Where the employer is prohibited by law from hiring an Applicant who has been convicted of a crime.

Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren sues The Blaze and founder Glenn Beck for Wrongful Termination

Employment ContractConservative commentator, Tomi Lahren is suing former boss Glenn Beck and former workplace The Blaze, alleging wrongful termination.

The lawsuit filed in Texas Friday, alleges that Beck and The Blaze terminated Lahren and cancelled her nightly talk show because of her pro-choice comments on “The View” last month.

“I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies,” she stated on “The View.”

As reported by CNN, Lahren, who is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump and arguably one the most notable names at The Blaze other than Beck himself, was suspended — along with her show — for a week following those comments.

According to the suit, Lahren then received a call from The Blaze that “her employment was terminated” and “she would have no more shows.”

Chili’s Manager Sexually Harassed Her, And Her Coworkers Blamed Her

Sexual HarassmentEmily Houser was sexually harassed for two years by Chili’s manager. When Houser put in her two weeks’ notice and contacted corporate headquarters, they relocated Chili’s manager and coworkers harassed her for the manager’s transfer.

Houser told Buzzfeed “over a two-year period, it just kind of escalated into him providing me with gifts of significance and money and flowers and cards and things that I wasn’t really accepting of, things that made me extremely uncomfortable because I was not sure what he expected of me from these gifts.”

Davidson was a popular manager and the staff likely blamed her for his transfer, Houser said. “On his last day, at this party, the general manager of our store as well as him were both there laughing and cutting cake with everyone,” she said.

One of the workers who made the “F*ck Emily Houser” cake posted it on Instagram, and several workers commented “#teamjosh.”

Previously, when someone got fired, the staff often trash-talked that person behind their back — though in the context of Houser’s harassment, what once could have been casual workplace gossip took on the form of something more sinister.

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Third Fox News Employee to Join Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

DiscriminationA third Fox News Employee has joined a lawsuit accusing the Fox news network of racial discrimination. According to an amended complaint, Monica Douglas, a manager in the credit and collections department at Fox News, was “subjected to the same racially discriminatory treatment” that plaintiffs Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright claim to have endured at the hands of a longtime senior Fox News executive, former Comptroller Judith Slater, who is white.

As Market Watch mentions, the amended complaint accuses Slater of mocking Douglas’s hair, kicking her in the buttocks and referring to her Brooklyn home as the “murder capital of the world” because a lot of black people live there. In addition, the suit claims Slater mocked Douglas’s appearance following her treatment for breast cancer.

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Ex-employee Accusing Snap Inc of Firing Him After Speaking Out

SnapchatSnap ex-employee is in a legal fight over the reason he was let go by the Snapchat-maker.

As mentioned in the LA Times, Anthony Pompliano’s attorney asked a judge Tuesday to unseal court filings that purportedly show how Snap misrepresented usage of its app to investors and the public. The specific details remain redacted until a ruling on whether they constitute trade secrets protected from disclosure.

Pompliano, a member of Snap’s user growth team for three weeks in 2015, has accused Snap of luring him with allegedly dodgy data and firing him for speaking out about them internally. He’s seeking a court order to bar Snap from distorting the reasons for his firing when the company is called on by any of his prospective employers.

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New French Law Gives Employees “The Right to Disconnect”

France’s new “right to disconnect” law mandates that a company with 50 employees or more cannot email an employee after typical work hours. According to True Activists, the country gives its employees 30 days off a year and 16 weeks of full-paid family leave; this latest initiative is only making France more popular.  According to BBC News, the new “right to disconnect” law will mandate that a company with 50 employees or more cannot email an employee after typical work hours. The amendment is largely a result of studies showing that people have an increasingly difficult time distancing themselves from the workplace.

Benoit Hamon of the French National Assembly states: “All the studies show there is far more work-related stress today than there used to be, and that the stress is constant. Employees physically leave the office, but they do not leave their work. They remain attached by a kind of electronic leash— like a dog. The texts, the messages, the emails — they colonize the life of the individual to the point where he or she eventually breaks down.”

What do you think of the controversial French labor law?

Former Ada Co. Employee Awarded $1.7 Million for Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Wrongfully TerminatedRich Wright lost his job as Director of the Department of Administration in January 2013. Ada County has said the position was eliminated as part of normal department restructuring, as mentioned in KTVB.

Wright maintained he was wrongfully terminated for launching investigations into another county employee accused of misconduct, a woman who was close friends with two of the county commissioners. He says Commissioners Jim Tibbs and Dave Case ousted him in retaliation just one day after after being sworn in.

The four-year battle to prove he was illegally fired by Ada County paid off this week, when a jury awarded him $1.7 million for wrongful termination.

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A New Study Finds Americans Are Working Harder Than Ever

A recent study conducted by Workplace Trends, suggests that burnout is responsible for up to half of all employee attrition. As Quartz points out, Employees are working more hours for no additional pay and as a result, they are searching for new jobs. Nearly all employers surveyed agree that improving retention is a critical priority yet many aren’t investing in solving the problem, even though it costs thousands of dollars to replace each employee lost.

Employees seem to be working on weekends, on vacations, and can’t even find time to take breaks at the office. Does this sound like your working schedule?

If you have been asked to work off-the-clock, or if you have been mistakenly classified as an exempt employee, you may be entitled to compensation for your unpaid overtime and benefits. Get in touch with us today to discuss your situation.

UMN to Pay Ex-employee $65K in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

DiscriminationThe University of Minnesota will pay Former employee Alysia Lajune $65,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging she was fired for her comments about racial profiling of African-Americans on campus.

During her employment at the University, Lajune served as the president of the University’s Black Faculty and Staff Association and raised concerns over racial profiling in the University’s crime alerts in 2013.

According to the lawsuit, the University of Minnesota Police Department sent out a wave of crime alerts in the fall of 2013 describing suspects generally, using “black male” without other ways to identify a suspect.

As mentioned in Minnesota Daily, Lajune went on to criticized a University official at a public forum in Jan. 2014. She received a warning letter and her contract was not renewed in Sept. 2014, according to the lawsuit.

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Wells Fargo Executive Fired Whistleblower

FiredFormer Chief Executive Robert Trojan found the organization’s accounting firm had an undisclosed conflict of interest, according to a lawsuit he filed against his former employer and Wells Fargo last month in New York’s Southern District. A day after raising his concerns, he was fired.

As the Huffington Post explains, the lawsuit says that while he was running the Commercial Finance Association, which represents lenders who make loans on companies’ assets and invoices, Trojan found that the group’s auditor, Freed Maxick, wasn’t fully independent. The suit details how Trojan raised the issue of Freed Maxick’s undisclosed business with CFA members to three of the organization’s former finance staffers.  If an auditor was also working for one of the group’s members, it would effectively be working to audit itself. One of the people Trojan said he raised the issue with was CFA’s current president Andrea Petro. Petro’s full-time job is an executive vice president at Wells Fargo, where she runs the bank’s asset financing group.

Torjan’s dismissal was a violation of the Commercial Finance Association’s own whistleblower policy that prohibits retaliation. If you too have been wrongfully discharged from your job in retaliation for exercising a legal workplace right, contact us for aggressive legal representation.