Former Mortuary Worker Files Lawsuit Over ‘Mental Anguish’ at Work

You're FiredFormer employee, Jeremy Glen Hoes has filed a lawsuit against Accucare Mortuary Services for wrongful termination after claiming he suffered post-traumatic stress following his handling of the bodies of a mother and 3-month-old son who were brutally killed.

Hoes said he was fired for threatening to file a workers compensation claim after performing work on Shanna Riddle Vandewege and her 3-month old son, Diederick. Her husband, Craig, has been charged with capital murder.

According to Hoes’ attorney, Robert Goodman, and court records, Hoes worked at Accucare for at least three years, and suffered a “post-traumatic stress reaction” after working on the bodies on Dec. 16.  He was also injured after handling the body of a man in November who committed suicide by ingesting paint fumes.
As mentioned in Star Telegram, Hoes said he told his employers that he planned on filing workers compensation claims from the two cases, but was told not to because the amount of premiums and exposure associated with such coverage were unreasonable and that they would pay for his medical expenses, records show.
Hoes said he was fired in January, two days after he said he planned on filing the claims. He was told that his services were no longer needed, the lawsuit states.

Diddy Sued for Sexual Harassment by Former Chef

DismissedSean (Diddy) Combs is being sued for allegedly making his personal chef, Cindy Rueda serve him up post-sex meals.

Rueda claims she was hired to be a weekend chef for Combs in January of 2015. In September of 2015, she began working for Diddy full-time and often traveled with Diddy.

As described in NY Daily News, Cindy Rueda, alleges she was required to cook for Combs during or immediately after sexual activity and that he would make comments to her about his naked body, according to a complaint filed Monday.

The personal chef then states in the suit that she was set up to look like she stole one of Diddy’s watches after complaining about the treatment she received and was asked to sign a waiver stating that she wouldn’t make any claims against Diddy in the future, which she refused to sign and was ultimately fired.

Reuda is suing for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistleblower protection.


Former BET Executive Claims “Misogynistic Culture” in Discrimination Lawsuit

Business Woman Getting FiredFormer head of original programming Zola Mashariki, has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Viacom cabler, alleging managers fostered a hostile work environment that included retaliation when she complained to human resources and was fired while on medical leave for breast cancer.

As described by LA Times, the lawsuit, filed in California federal court, targets BET, Viacom and former BET president of programming Stephen Hill, alleging gender discrimination, defamation, violation of the Family Medical Leave Act and more.

“The Company fosters a good old boys’ club atmosphere and mentality that are hostile to women and their advancement,” the complaint alleges. “This misogynistic culture, which marginalizes, demeans and undervalues women, begins at the top of the corporate structure.”

According to the lawsuit, the company “questioned the validity of her diagnosis, prevented members of her team from contacting her and deliberately damaged her reputation.” Further, a senior executive at BET even suggested to Mashariki’s colleagues that she was “faking” her breast cancer, the suit alleges.

Tomi Lahren settles lawsuit against Glenn Beck and The Blaze

Shake HandsConservative commentator, Tomi Lahren has agreed to a settlement that ends her lawsuit against Glenn Beck and The Blaze.

The lawsuit filed in Texas, had alleged that Beck and The Blaze had wrongfully terminated Lahren and cancelled her nightly talk show because of her pro-choice comments on “The View.”

As mentioned in USA Today, under the settlement, Lahren is formally released from her contract with The Blaze and will be allowed to keep the Facebook page connected to her time as a pundit for the company, which has nearly 4.3 million followers. She will return all of “intellectual property” belonging to The Blaze that was posted on the Facebook page.

“Ms. Lahren is relieved to have this litigation behind her and she looks forward to connecting with her audience and fan base on the pressing political issues facing our country in the days to come,” said Lahren’s attorney, Brian Lauten.

“The Blaze is pleased to announce that the relationship with Tomi Lahren has concluded. Ms. Lahren will continue to have access to her social media accounts as has always been the case,” the company said in a statement.

Immigrant Workers Claim Wrongful Termination When Fired for Skipping Work To Protest

FiredBack in February, thousands of immigrant workers in the United States took part in the “Day Without Immigrants” rally, protesting President Trump’s policies on immigration. Many skipped work without letting their bosses know.

As described in the Washington Examiner, Detroit area auto parts maker, EZ Industrial Solutions LLC, fired more than 20 immigrants after their participation in the protest. Now, these former employees of the auto parts maker are claiming they were wrongfully terminated, even though they received a warning from management about repercussions for missing work without permission.

They’re now taking their case to federal labor regulators.

In the complaint, the immigrant workers allege that, “The employer coercively questioned employees” twice regarding their plans to attend the rallies. The company has defended its actions by stating that employees are aware of rules against participating in political protests that aren’t work related during their work day.


Court Says Profanity is OK During Unionization Fights

An employee fired by Pier Sixty in New York for calling his boss a “nasty mother f*cker” in a Facebook. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals found that the employee should not have been fired for his post. As Market Place mentions, the reason for this is that the comment was made during a time when the employees were trying to unionize, and the profanity-filled post ended with an encouragement for employees to support the union.

After the employee, Hernan Perez was terminated, he filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board stating that he was terminated in retaliation for “protected concerted activities.” Under the National Labor Relations Act, employees cannot be fired for union activity, which includes criticism of the employer and workplace policies.

“Perez’s conduct sits at the outer‐bounds of protected, union‐-related comments,” the court wrote in its ruling.

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Sealy to Pay $175K to Settle “Severe Racial Harassment” Charge

Equal Employment OpportunitySealy, a mattress and box spring factory in St. Paul, Minnesota, will pay $175,000 to settle a charge of “severe racial harassment,” according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The federal agency said Sealy subjected black and Hispanic employees to harassment that involved a noose, Ku Klux Klan hood, and racist epithets and jokes.

As mentioned in Twin Cities, the agency also found that the company discriminated against black and Hispanic employees in the selection of lead positions at the St. Paul facility and violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Going forward, Sealy has committed to provide their employees with anti-discrimination training, revise and disseminate an anti-harassment policy, implement a more objective application process for lead jobs, and require compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity laws as part performance evaluations of supervisors, the EEOC said.

“We are pleased that Sealy worked cooperatively with us to fashion an anti-harassment policy that will better address employee complaints,” Julianne Bowman, EEOC Chicago district director, said in a statement.

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Melrose Resort Sued for Unpaid Wages

Unpaid WagesMelrose Resort and its owners are being sued by former employer, Tamar Berg who claims she worked for two months without pay.

According to the lawsuit, Berg began working at Melrose Resort in June 2015, and went without a paycheck from August 15, 2016 through October 19, 2016.

In addition, the suit states that “although Pelorus had ceased payment of wages … Berg was encouraged to remain working with a promise (of) wage payments in the near future.”

As described in The Island Pack, withholding Berg’s pay was “willful, without justification, in violation of the (law), and in violation of the duty of good faith and fair dealing,” the suit said.

The suit asks the court to demand the resort and its owners provide “a complete and accurate accounting of the wages owed to Berg,” and compensate her for those earnings, damages, legal fees, and other related costs.

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Glenn Beck and The Blaze are Countersuing Tomi Lahren

Lawyer Putting Documents In BriefcaseTheBlaze and its founder, Glenn Beck, are countersuing the former employee, Tomi Lahren, after she filed a lawsuit against them alleging wrongful termination.

Conservative commentator, Tomi Lahren alleged that Beck and The Blaze cancelled her nightly talk show because of her pro-choice comments on “The View” last month.

“I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies,” she stated on “The View.”

As stated in Business Insider, the countersuit from Beck and TheBlaze was filed on the grounds that Lahren breached her employment contract by making public statements that reflected negatively on the network. It claimed that it never terminated Lahren, stating that the company “relied on the industry standard ‘pay of play’ provision in her contract” which allowed the company to cease broadcasting Lahren’s show while continuing to pay her. The suit also disputed Lahren’s claims that her email account was terminated and that TheBlaze had blocked access to her Facebook page.

“TheBlaze never had access to Lahren’s personal social media accounts and has taken no action to block her from using them – as can be demonstrated by her continuous Twitter stream and Instagram posts,” the countersuit states.

Wells Fargo Employee Fired for Not Scamming Customers

FiredMelinda Bini has filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo bank and three supervisors from the branch she worked at in Highland Park, NJ. As mentioned in MSN Money, Bini accused her superiors of running or knowing about the scheme and says she was retaliated against and later fired for refusing to participate. Bini, a former assistant vice president and regional private banker, is seeking her job back and damages.

Wells Fargo paid $185 million in fines to federal and local authorities after it acknowledged that its employees opened as many as 2 million checking and credit card accounts without customers’ authorization.

“Our non-retaliation policy makes clear that no team member may be retaliated against for providing information about suspected unethical or illegal activities or possible violations of any Wells Fargo policies,” said Kevin Friedlander, a spokesman for the bank.

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